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Protecting your hospitality equipment with BWT’s groundbreaking technology

As a valued member of our community, we would like to provide you with some valuable insight into our vast range of BWT water & more solutions catering to the HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) industry.

The continued deterioration of water quality in Africa is everlasting and requires thorough attention to maintain a level of quality that is not only safe for us to consume, but also safe enough to put through our machines and appliances at home or business.

If barista, ice, dispensing or vending machines form a key part of you business, then we are here to extend the lifespan of these systems, as well as ensure quality of water to these machines.

Why is water filtration necessary for equipment?

Hard water – High concentration of Calcium and Magnesium in our water cause our water to be classified as “hard water”. When hard water is heated and run through the piping and boiler of a machine or kitchen appliance, the calcium forms limescale – chalky hard white substance consisting mainly of Calcium Carbonate. The buildup and effects of limescale can reduce the functioning of the machine drastically. Without a filtration system in place, regular servicing of the machine will also be required to remove the limescale.

Soft water – Low contents of Calcium, Magnesium and minerals in our water is also a warning sign that your equipment may be at risk. Soft water is corrosive due to its low mineral content and can cause pitting/pinhole leaks in the piping of the machine, resulting in equipment breakdown.

Taste, odour and colour – Taste, odour and colour are important aspects in the making of coffee and ice. 98.4% of a cup of coffee is made up of water, and 100% of ice is made up of water. This fact provides a strong backing that good water is a necessary resource in producing a high-quality batch of ice or coffee.

What does our product range provide?

Our water & more solutions provide prime protection and the highest quality of water for all equipment necessary in the HoReCa industry. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Coffee/Vending machines.
  • Combi steamers.
  • Warewashing systems.
  • Water dispenser.
  • Steamers for healthcare.

Using BWT’s patented technology, our filters assist in finding the middle ground in soft and hard water, giving you great tasting, clean water that provides protection for your machines and equipment from the dangers of corrosion and limescale buildup.

Our Magnesium remineralization technologies provides premium tasting water in addition, enhances the flavours and aromas of the coffee brewing process, providing excellence in every cup.

Thank you for choosing BWT Africa. Together, we are forging a path of unparalleled distinction in water treatment.

Changing the world sip by sip.