If the water is right, the result will be right!


Not All Water Is The Same

Water plays a very important role in gastronomy and in the hotel industry. In almost every bite and drink a guest takes, there is water involved. When the right water is used, coffee and tea have a more intense aroma. Pastries become crisp and fragrant when they are steam-cooked.

When the water is right, the result will be right, especially in the kitchen. The crust of bread gets crispy, vegetables retain their vitamins and tasty colour, and roasts indulge the nose with their crispy outsides and juicy centres. In order to wash dishes, glasses, and cutlery immaculately after meals, choose the right water. The water at BWT is custom-treated based on the usage and quality of the local water.





Water Optimisation for Hot Beverages

An espresso that disappoints your visitors? No longer an issue. No matter whether you run a coffeeshop or a gourmet restaurant, the principle remains the same: only the finest flavours will impress discerning diners. And BWT can help you do that.

The best coffee made from perfect water.

Water Optimisation for Cooking and Baking

Airy baked goods with crispy crusts are a result of baking with the best water, while vegetables retain both a pleasing color and nutrition, and roasts have an intense aroma and a juicy centre.

The best water for perfect results in combination with streamers and ovens.

Water Optimisation for Water Dispensers

As part of their level of professionalism, many industries serve good water to their guests and visitors as a refreshment. Hotel and restaurant water dispensers are a perfect solution.

Isn’t it time for a light refreshment?


Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis System RobustPro 75L/HR (Barrista Pro)


PREMIUM protection with magnesium

BWT bestmax PREMIUM – the taste experts

For challenging water that forms gypsum and is sensorily enhanced with magnesium as a flavour carrier.

Salt content in the filtrate:

Basic protection PLUS

BWT bestprotect – the protectors

For unstable and sulphate-containing water that tends to form gypsum.

Salt content in the filtrate:

Basic protection

BWT bestmax Smart – the all-rounders

For standard water and about 80% of applications.

Salt content in the filtrate:

The EXTRA for the flavour

BWT besttaste – the improvers

For water that tastes unpleasant or contains chlorine.

Salt content in the filtrate:

Local Providers Provide
Practical Assistance

Water quality differs among regions, while regional markets have their own distinct characteristics when it comes to equipment and products. All of this factors into water optimization. We have local experts who can provide the right solution for any job