Ecosoft RObust Pro

  • Pure water for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and  breweries
  • Improved taste of drinks, and transparent ice,
  • Protection of equipment and sparkling dishes,
  • No need for a pressure tank
  • Compact and attractive design


Detailed Information

RObust Filter Advantages

Ecosoft RObust reverse osmosis filters provide a sufficient amount of pure and safe water for HoReCa needs: for food and drink preparation, as well as delicious drinking water for guests and staff. We have combined high-quality water treatment technology with a modern design and compact dimensions.

The Ecosoft RObust is the perfect solution for HoReCa
Food dishes, drinks and drinking water are guaranteed to taste better made with RO water.
  • Filtered RO purified water does not contain chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, organic compounds, viruses and bacteria
  • Due to the high volume capacity, there is enough water for everyone
Your appliances are protected
  • A longer service life due to a lack of limescale buildup
  • Up to 50% of usual consumption of dishwasher detergents
The Ecosoft RObust PRO provides the perfect water quality for your coffee shop

Ecosoft RObust PRO is a unique offer for true professionals and connoisseurs of coffee and coffee shops. The filter is designed to meet the world’s coffee standards and provides you with a water supply that reveals the unique taste of coffee, perfectly.

Reveal the taste

With the Ecosoft RObust PRO filter, you can experience the particular flavour of your coffee bean, thanks to optimal water salinity:

  • Calcium will fill the body of the drink
  • Magnesium helps extract fruit acids
  • Bicarbonates provide a balance of taste and aroma
Create your own design of coffee

We customize the water according to your coffee, so you can create a perfected taste.

Saves your money

The RObust filter is an economical way to get high-quality purified drinking water.